Roblox Creative Challenge

Roblox Creative Challenge

Be a game designer and contribute your creative ideas to the following game

Game: Ninja Tag

Take out as many opponent Ninja players as you can before they take you out, and before the time ends.

• Each team has their own customised Ninja outfit which they receive when the game starts
• Each Ninja gets shuriken stars as basic weapons
• Once you take out a Ninja from another team they’re recruited to your team and receive your Ninja outfit. You also receive 5 cash
• Buy weapons in the shop with your cash
• The top 3 Ninja teams will be shown on the victory screen

Enter the Creative Challenge Here:

What game feature(s) do you think would enhance the Ninja Tag game? Enter your ideas in the form below and be in the running to be selected as the lead game designer of StarTime’s Ninja Tag game. The winner will have their ideas incorporated into the game in readiness to play next holidays!

  • Please enter a number from 5 to 12.
  • What feature would enhance the Ninja Tag game? Think about all the elements that make up a Roblox game, such as; • the environment (the terrain and weather conditions) • weapons • obstacles (things you can climb etc) • characters • controls (the moves your character can do using controls)

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