Roblox Creative Challenge

Roblox Creative Challenge

Design your own Roblox game
  • Please enter a number from 5 to 12.
  • What is the name of your game? Think about a name that will help potential players recognise what the game might be about.
  • What is your game about?
  • Who is the game about? What role do they play in the game story? What is their motivation within the game?
  • Where does the game take place? Are there other conditions that are worth mentioning, like the kind of weather players will experience in your game. Do these conditions have any effect on the gameplay?
  • What will be the players' perspective when playing the game? Will they experience the game from a first-person point of view? Or perhaps from a top-down perspective?
  • How will players interact with the game? What controls do the players have in the game?

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