Pre-recorded courses for your kids to enjoy

From cartooning to filmmaking – dive in and have some fun. you might even learn something.


A fun and engaging way to learn drawing techniques to create your own cartoon characters. Follow along in drawing well-known characters from your favourite games and cartoons.
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lego master challenge

Lego Master Challenge

So you think you can build?! Test your lego building skills in this fast paced workshop filled with a series of lego challenges. Test your speed and creativity in building towers of surprise, cars, base plate puzzles. Easy? Then try it one handed and blindfolded!
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StarTime’s Talent Quest

So you think you can dance, sing, tell a joke, do a magic trick, produce an animation, juggle, spin balance or bounce. Whatever your talent, “StarTime’s Talent Quest” is the platform where you can show it off! Check out the skill, courage, commitment and creativity that these contestants displayed in Season 2 of StarTime’s Talent Quest.
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Special FX Filmmaking

Gain the filmmaking skills needed to make your own special FX action sequence. Learn how to create fun, strange, wacky and imaginary superheroes and villains using materials you can find around the house, combined with using the Super Power FX app!
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Jump Cut Challenge

If you want to master the basics of filmmaking special effects (SPFX), then understanding the jump-cut will give you the foundations to create your own. The jump cut will enable characters and objects to disappear and reappear, change shapes and costumes leaving your audience in awe. Zach King is the master at doing this on YouTube and we’ll show you the basics of what he does using just your iPad/iPhone.
Note: this workshop can be done on an android device however, StarTime does not support Android during our sessions. These tutorials are completed on iOS devices.
ONLY $4.95